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Bad News or Good News?

Wed (3/25) top story was “New Home Sales” fell to record low in February as glut of foreclosed homes and a weak economy dampened the housing market. New-home sales fell 2.2% to seasonally adjusted rate of 308,000 last month, compared to  upwardly revised annual rate of

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Impact of Short Sale, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy on Your Credit Score

(Thanks to Kevin Budde of Bank of America for the following summary) Consumers, lenders, real estate agents and regulators alike are wondering how mortgage-related actions such as modifications, short sales, foreclosures or bankruptcies will impact consumers’ credit profiles and, especially, their credit

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Trying to Make Sense of Today’s Residential Market

Seems like everyone has an opinion about the current state of the residential real estate market. Or do they? Newspaper headlines of late proclaim: “Home Values Jump In January” (L.A. Times 2/17/10); “Fewer Falling Behind on Their Home Loans” (L.A.

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South OC Real Estate Market 1st Qtr. 2010

Question: What is the current real estate market like in South Orange County? Arne & Gary’s Answer: Buyers are “Back” in the hunt for homes now that the Holidays are over. Market activity has increased the past 4-5 months and

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Are the Great Deals to be Found Now?

Q: If I own a house today, and I am really ready to go find one of those great deals on the market, do you think it’s an okay time to sell? If I do, am I just going to

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Real Estate climate in Orange County

Q: What is the current real estate market like in Southern Orange County? A: I think it’s a good time to buy if you’re going to stay at the property for at least 4-5 years, or longer. If you are

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