Orange County RealtorIn this climate of do-it-yourself advocates, the services provided by realtors, attorneys, plumbers, and more become less sought after. Not that learning new applicable skills are not a good thing for Orange County sun-soakers to be interested in, but may we point out a few reasons why hiring a realtor is a good move?

#1: The insider has insider knowledge. This is a “no duh,” but we have to make it a prominent part of our list. The realtor is a trained, experienced professional and usually you, the home buyer, is not a real estate professional. A realtor has easy access to the information you need to get the best price on the best home. Not only that, but a realtor is trained to prevent you from being scammed in poorly-written agreements and sales. Think of a realtor as your tour guide in a foreign land, and you won’t find yourself alone in a strange new world.

#2: Tools of the trade. A realtor must be a few things, and that is well prepared, a great negotiator, and detail oriented. Not that you don’t have these skills, but a realtor has the tools of the trade primed and ready to go, whereas your skills may be primed for other work. Not everyone has the skills to navigate the topics of real estate, like fair market value, escrow, and the Orange County real estate market.

#3: Do you like paperwork? There aren’t many people in this world who like the business of filling out, reading, signing, and filing paperwork. The result is a lot of incorrectly completed paperwork that makes a person lose out on their hard earned money.

A realtor, on the other hand, is paid to handle the paperwork of a home purchase or sale, and they know exactly how the system works. A realtor knows which forms are necessary to legally complete the transaction, and how to complete the forms so they are legally binding and flawless.

#4: It’s who you know. It’s is quite a truthful statement that in the world of business it’s “not what you know, but who you know.” Even a new realtor has a few real estate connections because they’ve been in the real estate world for some time as an apprentice or as a student.

Furthermore, the more experienced realtor has an even wider net of “who they know,” which is all for your benefit. If you need more information about a deal or home, your realtor will have the inside scoop for you in no time.

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