Q: If I own a house today, and I am really ready to go find one of those great deals on the market, do you think it’s an okay time to sell? If I do, am I just going to bite the bullet or do you think there are still people out there that are going to pay the value?

A: Thing are selling. Things are selling that are good deals, or have excellent quality like an ocean view, large lot, something specific. And average house; let’s say a track in Laguna Hills that doesn’t have a view that has a small lot, that’s what going to get hurt if they have to sell. People are out there still asking for values from 2005-2006, but those are the properties that you will see on the market for 180-300 days. And the longer you are on the market with no offers, your just digging yourself a deeper hole.

Q: Why?

A: Because the market is going in the opposite direction. If you don’t have it priced well right off the bat and sell right away, the longer you hang on to that property and have it listed, the odds are going up that it will not sell.