Ladera Ranch homes on the riseLadera Ranch is a 4,000 acre, master-planned community made up of nine “villages”. Each village has individual neighborhoods in it, and the design of each village and neighborhood vary. Ladera Ranch offers something for just about anyone. There are clusters of apartments and town homes in addition to luxurious gated communities with posh upscale homes.

About Ladera Ranch

Although many South Orange County residences commonly are reminiscent of the Stepford Wives, there is no long history of Ladera Ranch turning families into cookie cutters. Construction on Ladera Ranch began in 1999, making it one of the youngest communities in South Orange County. Ladera Ranch is bordered by San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo, and Rancho Santa Margarita.

As a new community, Ladera Ranch was hit hard by the recession. Home values were split in half in very short order. Ladera Ranch has Orange County’s highest “underwater” rate at 32.6%, according to What this means is that 32.6% of the homes in Ladera are worth less than is owed on their mortgages. 32.6% is steep. Very steep. Though, looking at a side-by-side, Ladera is followed very closely by many Orange County communities. Stanton, a small city near Anaheim, is right on Ladera’s coat tails at 31.9%.

It’s not all bad for Ladera Ranch, however. As the real estate climate in the U.S. continues to vary, Ladera Ranch has seen its median home value grow by 13% since this time last year.

A Buyers Wonderland

Although many current home owners in the community are still “underwater”, this comes as an optimistic upturn for current Ladera Ranch Real Estate owners.

In spite of this growth, it remains a buyer’s market. The median listing price is only $500,000.00, dropping the median sale price to a bleak $465,000.00 (depending on your perspective). For a community that is made up of 67% Single Family Homes and located in one of the most desirable counties in the world, this seems too good to be true for prospective home buyers.

By contrast, before the nationwide economic downturn, the average home value in Ladera Ranch was $832,000.00 in 2006. The same home that easily sold for nearly a million dollars 6 years ago, you can now purchase for less than half. Ladera Ranch Real Estate peeked in 2007 with a median sale price of 1.1 million.

It appears that the worst is now behind Ladera Ranch. The lowest median sale price in the previous 7 years was last year, in 2012. Since then the trend has been on the rise, albeit slow and rocky. It seems we are in prime buying time. We’ve touched down the lowest point and are in the preliminary stages of regrowth; barring any unforeseen challenges, of course.

Buying in the Wonderland

Last month, January 2013, 60 homes sold in Ladera Ranch, and there are currently over 100 homes listed for sale within the community confines.

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